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The performing arts are a natural outlet for creative self-expression. Playing the clarinet in my school’s symphonic band and singing at Hindi music festivals, I am immersed in creativity and often lose track of time. I feel joyous and free. Sounding melodies on the clarinet, I convey my deepest emotions. Singing is born of the body and I express my authentic voice. Yet, music is a universal language. Music crosses cultures and breaks barriers. I love to perform and connect with audiences of all kinds through the universal language of music.
Music was the backdrop to day-to-day activities in my childhood. Serene melodies emanated from the living room stereo in the early mornings and while preparing and enjoying family meals. I believe I first learned to rely on music for
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It’s a boost to my confidence that I’m often the featured solo singer at festivals. I was awarded a Gold Coin Award for my performance, as well as placed consistently as a finalist in Charlotte Indian Idol. A fusion of traditional and contemporary modalities is my unique and recognized style in Carnatic music. I also am encouraged to sing when gathering with friends and family. Family gatherings often include singing together. In my formative years, these get-togethers provided many opportunities for me learn and sing new songs. Learning languages came easily to me. In fact, I am fluent in three languages (Hindi, Sanskrit and Telugu) largely by singing these traditional Indian songs. I love seeing little kids dance and sing along and how my grandparents are visibly moved by these songs, since they bring back fond memories of earlier years. Music and lyrics play a profound role no matter one’s age. Children listen to their mothers singling lullabies to fall asleep and the elderly rely on songs to bring back the past. Singing together unites us all and fosters strong connections including
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