Music Production, Branding And Music Consumption With My Overarching Theme Being Technology

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The landscape of music industry has undeniably changed during the past 15 years. The advancing technology made a big impact on how we produce, market, promote, monetize and consume music. In my essay response I will be focusing on three themes: music production, branding and music consumption with my overarching theme being Technology.

For an established or up-and-coming band in ‘90s there were four possible income sources: touring, merchandising, recordings and publishing. These income sources are still here, but there are so much more options now. This is the reason why for bands and artists it is more difficult now then it was back then, because they have all these choices to make (Bertis Downs, 2012).

To be a successful and popular artist in ‘90s was a “world win”, according to Jim Creegan. He is the bassist for the band Barenaked Ladies, who were at the height of their careers in the ‘90s. “Maybe if I had my today’s mind 15 – 20 years ago, I would be able to appreciate it more” says Jim. (Jim Creegan, 2015). Now you can have a huge artist and have a big hit, but it doesn’t always translates into money. We also have many Internet celebrities and it doesn’t always become a career for them (Ed Robertson, 2015).

Many bands who were at the height of their careers in ‘90s will say that was the best time in music industry and numbers show just that:
In 2000 the global recorded music market value was $36.9 billion and that is already -1.3% from a year before…
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