Music Psychology : Music And Music

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 What is Music Psychology Music Psychology, which is also known as Psychology of Music includes the areas of musicology and psychology. The main focus of this topic is to explain and understand Musical behaviour and experiences. Then to put researched knowledge to uses and create an experiment that covers the study of affective response in people when certain listen to different genre or emotional music. Music Psychology in these days has a tendency to advance on the basis of data collected by interacting and observing human participant making it realistic. Music Psychology is a part of many different research with practical relevance, including composition, education, performance and therapy, as well as investigations of peoples aptitude, skill, intelligence, creativity and social behaviour.

1.2 History of Music Psychology
In the 19th Century, the study of musical wonder and sound was focused on the mathematical modelling of tone and pitch. The first of many experiments date from the 6th century BCE, most remarkably in the work of Pythagoras and his founding’s of the string length ratios that formed the consonances of the octave (Wikipedia, 2014). The view that sound and music could be understood from a physical standpoint was repeated by theorists as Anaxagoras and Boethius. Anaxagoras suggested modern music psychology could only be understood through human perception and the relation to human memory (Wikipedia, 2014). Musical education throughout…
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