Music Publishing Research Paper

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Music Publishing Bob Marley once said that, “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” (BrainyQoute). Music publishing is not only known to be one of the most beneficial areas of income for musicians, but also one of the most complex parts of the lucrative system that is music business. Music publishing is characterized as “the owning of songs themselves in the form of musical copyrights” (Wixen). But according to the Music Publishing Association of the U.K., the definition of a music publisher’s day to day job has evolved due to the introduction and settlement of social media and streaming apps. The introduction of music streaming entities has made access to songs faster and simpler than ever before, making the job of music publishing a more technological and socially impactful occupation. To become a music publisher, one must fully be able to commit and support an artist and their piece of work. For example, a songwriter can perform his or her song during a performance in which a music publisher attends, the publisher finds one song impressive, seeks out…show more content…
The switch to streaming and music apps has caused a shift in the equal values of song sharing (Rau). Music Publishers have witnessed a change in the distribution of entitlements that was brought about by apps, like Pandora and Spotify. The rise of streaming has brought about a negative shift to music publishing that is causing issues like copyright reforms. Music publishers once believed that the shift of streaming would bring about a positive change in the business, but as of now it is an area of growing for the music industry as a whole (Chistman). Through the technological strains of the music business, music publishers get the luxury of discovering songs “that could one day become a generations’ anthem,” which can “shape a nation or maybe even the world”
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