Essay about Music, Radio and Teens

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Music, Radio and Teens

The first thing that teenagers will do when they get into their car is to turn on the radio. They flip through the channels hoping to find that latest hit that all the stations are playing. Whether it's the newest pop rock song, or that catchy country tune, everyone wants to hear it. This is an example of how powerful the radio can be in influencing what teens listen to. Here is a closer look at the specific genres and how these styles are affecting today's teens through the radio.

Hip Hop Hip-Hop is one of fastest growing music genres in the United States as its trend has made hip-hop explode everywhere. Hip-Hop comes from the streets using street slang incorporated in the music. Hip-Hop music is
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This was during the Second World War. It was very rebellious at the time to listen to Rhythm and Blues music. Its lyrics were very controversial at the time. It was like today?s Eminem or Nine Inch Nails. Ever since its origin, however, it has had a profound influence on people, especially teenagers.

Some parents will say that they do not like some of their children?s styles of music. This is very strange because if you ask our parents what kind of music they like, they would say the Rolling Stones or the Beatles or maybe even the Supremes, the Temptations or James Brown. The one thing that they do not realize is that their music was just as controversial, if not more, than ours today. Often, parents do not realize that many kinds of music that are listened to today branched off from Rhythm and Blues. Think about it. It started off with rhythm and blues. From that, it branched off to Rock and Roll. From Rock and Roll it went to Motown and Soul Music. Motown and Soul eventually turned into Funk and Disco. After that era was finally over, Dance music and Rap found its origin. All of these styles of music have ties to Rhythm and Blues. These styles are only the mainstream styles. Rhythm and Blues can also be traced in forms of Country and Western, Gospel Music and Jazz.

Rhythm and Blues was also ground breaking in the sense that it involved instruments and equipment that had rarely been used in music before. These two inventions

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