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Music Review #2
Last Monday, October 17th, I had the privilege of seeing the performances of the University Repertoire Ensembles. They were live at the School of Music’s Malcolm Bird Recital Hall, and each ensemble played several jazz melodies that were very engaging and entertaining. The University Repertoire Ensembles included the Contemporary Ensemble (CE), the Hard Bop Ensemble (HBE), and the Brazilian Ensemble (BE). The CE performed the songs, “Have You Heard,” “Sail Away,” and “Got A Match,” while the HBE performed, “Nica’s Dream,” “The Sidewinder,” “Wisper Not,” and “The Jody Grind.” In addition to that, the BE performed, “Lamentos,” “Pra machucar meu coração,” and “A rã.”
With that, the musicians in the CE included Jake Daniels, Taylor Nelson, Dahkota Bungcayao, Jonny Simpson, Stuart Wicke, Kiko Sebrian, Matt Griffin, and the instruments played were the saxophone, guitar, second guitar, piano, bass, drums, and drums and percussion respectively. In the HBE, the performers were Larry Cooper, Noah Reed, Troy Burchett and Mark McLean, Will Kinman, and Fiona Palensky, and the instruments they played included vocals, alto saxophone, guitar, bass, and the drums respectively. Lastly, in the BE, the players were Nala Johnson, Travis Huff, Joe Gomez, Carson Litteral, Pauline Ottaviano, Sam Broussard, and their corresponding instruments were vocals, the tenor saxophone, the guitar, the piano, the bass, and the drums respectively.
Of the three ensembles, I enjoyed the

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