Music Streaming Services And Conducting Research

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We go through life day by day listening to music on our favorite websites and apps without realizing what steps we took to reach the verdict of choosing one streaming service over another. To understand the consumer, their needs, and their basis for decision-making in a rapidly growing industry is to have a significant competitive advantage over the competition. That is why when the time came for our group to select research ideas for the Marketing Research Project this semester, we were intrigued by the possibility of exploring music streaming services and conducting research to learn more about this field.
Global consumers, particularly in the millennial age group, listen to music on a daily basis and have several predetermined reasons for why they chose one service over another. In fact, a 2014 research report found that 37 million people around the world are currently paying for streaming music, while 210 million additional people listen for free on advertising-supported services (Mulligan, Mark, and Alun Simpson. The Streaming Effect: Assessing the Impact of Streaming Music Behavior. 2014.)
Our research group thought to pivot this subject back to the local millennial population at UCF and ask, what caused them to choose one service over another? What draws someone to a particular music service in the first place?
By answering these questions, we believed we could grow our skillset as researchers exploring an exciting subject while building an enhanced understanding…
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