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Renaissance era or rebirth ear brought a new attitude towards music. It started in Europe, Italy to be exact, from the fourteen to the sixteen century. Italians wanted to bring “the rebirth of their past” (Kerman, p.65).This period brought the rebirth of humanism and acceptance of diversity of cultures.
Music was made to be played in the church during prayer times. When church lost power and control, music moved to the courts. Artists and musicians had more freedom and individualism to create music of their choice. During Renaissance era music sounds had smooth, imitative and polyphonic style. Renaissance music was church music or sacred music and secular music or non church music. Sacred music was still popular and it consisted of motet,
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The difference between Baroque music and Renaissance music is that composers were able to express their emotions and feeling when composing. Another characteristic of the Baroque era was “the emphasis on contrast of volume, texture, and pace in the music, as compared to music of the late Renaissance which did not concentrate on these elements. In addition, Baroque music broke away from the harshness of the Medieval and early Renaissance style with new emphasis on the use of vocal and instrumental color. Secular types of music were now in abundance and used as widely as those of the liturgical musical styles. Imitative polyphony (more than one line of music) still was an extremely important factor in writing and playing music, while the homophonic method (a musical technique that displays a vast separation amongst the melody line and the accompaniment) was gaining acceptance and use quite rapidly. This homophonic style eventually became dominant in instrumental forms of music as well. Musical works containing a continuo part in which a keyboard (usually an organ or harpsichord) and a bass instrument (usually a bassoon or a cello) helped to convey the harmonic support of chords under the melodic lines.” (ThinkQuest)
The most famous composers during 17 century were Monteverdi, Purcell, Corelli, Schutz, Alessandro Scarlatti, Buxtehude, Lully, and Purcell. The most famous composers during 18 century were Johann Sebastian Bach, Vivaldi, Francouis

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