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Encompassed by warm, leather seats, I hummed along to the soothing melody of “Both Sides Now.” My parents’ music had been ingrained in my brain since infancy. Elvis Costello, John Denver, and Kenny Loggins were originally introduced as devices to encourage naps on long car rides. But soon, these melodious tunes became favorites. While studying journalism, I travelled to London on a field trip to enhance my skills. Flung into the massive British Library, I was told to find a story. Yet, despite its countless recourses, the library offered no article ideas. Without a reader’s pass, I was denied entry into almost every room. After 30 minutes, I stumbled upon an unrestricted exhibition. Greeted by explicit t-shirts and edgy album covers, I wandered…show more content…
Details of fanzines, stories from X-ray Spex, and quotes from Patti Smith found their way into my notebook. TV screens showcased some of the more popular bands and songs. While listening to “God Save the Queen,” I tried to discern a reason for their revolutionary status. The music was clunky and lacking in skill. Though, after researching this subculture for my article, I learned this was part of its charm. Punk lacked an exclusivity factor. All anyone needed to create a punk band was a guitar, some friends, and a lot of anger. In a way, punk was a grassroots movement. It began in garages and was elevated by fan-made magazines. It did not reject based on gender. Moreover, Blondie, Patti Smith, and the Slits became some of the more successful artists of the era. Punk bands found fame on the edges of society, and that’s exactly what they…show more content…
While often misconstrued, punk’s message was one of inclusivity and transformation. In its time, and even today, the Sex Pistols and the Clash were labeled demoralizing. Regardless, punk bands aimed to combat racism, thoughtless taboos, consumerism, and unjust governments. Resulting banned shows and censored songs, however, did not deter these artists. Although I wouldn’t call myself an avid fan of the actual music, an appreciation for punk artist’s inflammatory philosophy formed within me. Perhaps punk was angry, and it was most certainly offensive, but it did so with a definitive purpose. Punk’s true power lied in its ability to inspire a generation to think for themselves. The music allowed and even required its audience to question everything they were
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