Music : The Best Reggae Band From The Columbus Area

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The last critique snuck up on me and I was scrambling to find a musical performance that could fit in my busy schedule. Luckily, as I was searching online for different performances I ran across The Flex Crew performing at Skully’s music diner. I have been to Skully’s once before to watch a folk band perform. The atmosphere was a lot different than when we saw The Flex Crew. Obviously, the genre of music was a lot different, along with the atmosphere of the crowd. I was very surprised by the number of people in the bar for the fact that the world series was on and was game 5. On top of this, online their website said the show began at 10PM, but like very great band they came out at their own pace. In the meantime, there was a DJ performing to keep the crowd alive. The Flex Crew is a reggae band from the Columbus area. After doing a little research I learned they are known as “the best reggae band in the Midwest.” A friend and I went to Skully’s music diner on Sunday night to watch The Flex Crew. Their band consists of seven members and they all varied on the different instruments. Some were strictly on vocals, while others were on guitars, drums, pianos, etc. On top of this, the band was very diverse in regards to playing and singing. Yes, there was a main guitarist and a main singer, but throughout the songs they all grabbed different instruments and sang different pieces of the songs. I also learned they originated from Columbus and have been around for close to twenty

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