Essay about Music: The Change from Spiritual to Secular

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The time between 1485 and 1660 marked a period of new beginnings for the people living in England; this time is known as the Renaissance. In England, the people were challenging their past beliefs; where before the Renaissance, England thrived basing their lives, government, and music off of God and his principles alone. During these one-hundred and seventy-five years, the English people started questioning their original principles about religion and established a yearning for information and proof based off of science instead of God. This desire caused many changes to form in England. The Renaissance period quickly became known as the rebirth of knowledge named by the change from God’s knowledge to the knowledge of man. The Renaissance…show more content…
The masses in the religious services had to be sung a cappella in this specific order or it was considered a disgrace and ruined the sacred pieces. The high priests of the Catholic churches were very strict on how the sacred music was sung and preserved. With the change at hand in spiritual music, the Catholic high priests had to do something to correct the problems. The high priests felt that the secular feel and style of music that was becoming evident in spiritual music was tainting the sacred message in these pieces. The Council of Trent was called into affect to address this reoccurring issue. The Council of Trent lasted for eighteen years all of which used to decide the correct and just way to solve this musical predicament. The Council deliberated on this topic and came to agreement that the reason for the issue was the “irrelevant attitude of the church musicians” (Augusta County Public Schools). During the Council of Trent, certain instruments were banned from spiritual music, encouraging and a cappella style once again. These instruments were forbidden because of the secular influence that was invading the purity of the sacred music of the bible. There was many uprising that came from The Council of Trent and the decisions made. Many

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