Music: The Elements Of A Thesis

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The elements of a thesis statement are that they are generally stated in a single sentence, they express opinions, not topics, they focus the topic, they indicate the kind of support to follow, they often organize supporting material, and effective thesis statements are precisely worded.
The location of a thesis matter because depending on where the thesis is located can really tell what type of paper it is or if the writer intends on revealing the topic of the paper immediately or if they are not trying ot reveal the topic but want to give details regarding the topic first. On the other hand, placing a thesis in the wrong location has the ability to weaken the paper and ultimately cause for the reader to be left aware of what they were reading
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Supporting evidence is designed to provide a clear outline of exactly what the thesis is trying to convey. The most important type of evidence that can be used factual evidence to ensure that the details that is supporting the thesis is true. If the evidence is not true then it completely voids the thesis and does not allow for a reader to be correctly informed which in turns make the entire essay purposeless. Evidence cannot be an opinion or a belief but rather absolutely factual without a chance of falsehood.
I subject that I am very passionate about is music and the handling of it in today’s society. A common phrase that is often said in society is that music is not as good today as it was previously. Music is not the same as it was before for three simple reasons, distribution is not the same, quantity over quality, and the artist are not making profits for their work. These three reasons are why the entire music industry has changed and changed dramatically. All in all, the music industry is on a steady decline leaving major record labels as well as musical artist scrambling to find new ways to
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Also music is being consumed at an all times high as well during present day condition so the overall question is why is this not translating to better music. The internet itself has played a big role in it and the way that music is distributed to the listener which means that many artists feel as though they are being cut out of the profitability. It is important that the music industry really start to solve this problem because as the internet continues to get better and more powerful it is only going to cause more problems for the industry. To sum it up, music is very important to many and plays a part in everyone’s life in some way, shape, form, or fashion therefore, it is imperative that this problem be solved before it becomes a matter of too little too late and the industry gets to a point of no
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