Music, The Orchestra, And The Romantic Symphony

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Since the beginning of the semester, I have learned three concepts about music in western civilization. The 3 concepts I have learned is elements of music, the orchestra, and the romantic symphony. Theses concept are very interesting to me because I don’t have any type of musical background and I got the chance to learn about how music really started. There are many elements I learn when it comes to making an orchestra and composing a music program. An orchestra is a group of musicians that come together to make background music for a TV show or movie. During the class, I learn that they also provide concerts, ballets, and opera to the public. According to English “The word orchestra was first used by the ancient Greeks and meant the front part of a stage. During the Middle Ages, it also included the musicians on the stage.” The orchestra has a lot of history that goes back to the late 6th and early 7th century. The orchestra group was organized by the kings and queens of Italian and French churches. They used string instruments to perform at dance parties, ballet, and operas. This is fascinating that the orchestra music goes back as far as the late 6th century. I could see how Beethoven, Smetana, Tchaikovsky and among other have made amazing orchestral music and how they were influenced by it. When the orchestra is playing it could have 10 or more instruments. During class, I learn that when we talk about the orchestra it usually means a symphony orchestra. A…
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