Music Therapy And Its Effects On Human Body

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Music is a combination of melody and rhythm, it has physiological, psychological and social functional impacts on human body. In the physical level, music can stimulates the body 's autonomic nervous system, which is to regulate the heart rate, breathing rate, nerve conduction, blood pressure and endocrine. In the psychological level, music can cause human brain which is in charge of emotions and feelings do autonomic response, hence change the mood and release the anxiety. In fact, human body has certain circadian rhythm and music has its own rhythm too, when these two aspects are able to resonate, music then can affect the physiological fluctuations, thereby exert a therapeutic effect, named music therapy. Music therapy is the planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and wellbeing. It 's helpful for emotional relaxation, life recreation and life rejuvenation. Music therapy in the spiritual realm is no less than medical treatment. Rather than having the side effects of medicines, music therapy can also provide people treatments in mental and physical illness such as anxiety, depression, Alzheimer 's, etc. Norfoff-Robbins creative music therapy is an active method, which mainly guide the patients directly involved in musical activities. The foundation to build up Nordoff-Robbins creative music therapy is that every human regardless of disability could responds to music and born with the ability to appreciate and understand music; this ability…
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