Music Therapy And Its Effects On Human Body

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Music is a combination of melody and rhythm, it has physiological, psychological and social functional impacts on human body. In the physical level, music can stimulates the body 's autonomic nervous system, which is to regulate the heart rate, breathing rate, nerve conduction, blood pressure and endocrine. In the psychological level, music can cause human brain which is in charge of emotions and feelings do autonomic response, hence change the mood and release the anxiety. In fact, human body has certain circadian rhythm and music has its own rhythm too, when these two aspects are able to resonate, music then can affect the physiological fluctuations, thereby exert a therapeutic effect, named music therapy. Music therapy is the…show more content…
The most effective way of rousing the potential is to use individual 's music improvisational skill to overcome emotional, physical, and cognitive difficulties. Great quantities of instruments can be played by the clients during therapeutic session without previous musical training and experiences, and clients can feel the pleasure while creating music as an active role. For example, music therapist can play the piano while clients respond with drumming and the therapist could use improvisation to reflect clients ' state and allow them to experience themselves via creating music. This therapy session is a result of cooperation between therapist and clients; which clients present as active roles in the process while therapist work to support them to create music on a variety of standard and special instruments. In another word, creative music therapists provide clients with instruments that don’t require skills to play but still can empower clients to have self-expression. With these elements, therapist then create a safe and inclusive environment for clients, so that clients will be more willing to communicate with therapist through music and hence improve their conditions. Nordoff-Robins creative music therapy is a music-centered therapy, which therapist intervention is done through music and patients ' progress can only be evaluated via their musical response. According to Robbin 's perspective, music

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