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Music Therapy and Stroke Holly Zhuang Wilfrid Laurier University Abstract This Literary review examines the theme of how musical elements and different interventions in music therapy sessions positively impact post stroke patients. Also, how music therapy helps patients achieve their short term and long-term goals in rehabilitation with an interdisciplinary team. In this literary review there are five summaries of journal articles related to the benefits of music therapy for patients with stroke and how the different approaches and areas of focus can be transferred into a young music therapist’s own approach and clinical work. When an individual is diagnosed with stroke or other neuro-disabilities, their entire…show more content…
The participants totally 18 patients were divided in to two groups of nine. One group received comprehensive rehabilitation treatment and an additional music therapy treatment. This group participated in a total of eight music therapy sessions, two sessions per week for four weeks. The other nine patients in the control group did not receive music therapy. Each session were 40-minutes consisting of a hello song and sharing of events in their lives for a period of 5 minutes, planned musical activities for 30 minutes, and a sharing of feelings and goodbye song for 5 minutes. Patients were encouraged to sing and improvise. Tests aimed to assess depression and anxiety were given to both groups before and after the sessions. The study, found that anxiety decreased for 5 patients in the music group and depression decreased significantly in the music therapy group as well. Furthermore, 66.7% of patients and 55.6% of caregivers reported that music therapy, helps rehabilitation, and motivates. 77.8% of patients and 66.7% of their caregivers reported that music therapy had a positive psychological change. (Kim et al., 2011) The second article chosen is a case study aptly named “Playing Piano Can Improve Upper Extremity Function after Stroke: Case Studies”. The article’s philosophical approach was to find a method for stroke patients to implement rehabilitation in an engaging

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