Music Therapy For Children And Adults With Learning Disabilities

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There are many different types of literature on the topic of music therapy, the background of music therapy, how it takes place and how it helps clients with autism. A lot of the literature found on the topic music therapy found it helped children and adults with learning disabilities. This section of the dissertation will analyse the literature that is already available on music therapy and autism. It will also analyse literature on drug therapies. I will explore the history of music therapy how and why it is used, how it is beneficial to people with autism and is there evidence that shows it is more effective than drug therapies. In the past twenty years music therapy has become more and more popular and has developed drastically. The literature on music therapy consists of works from previous music therapists and music therapists today. Music therapy has been increasing recognised over the years this has encouraged more music therapy positions to be created in private and public sectors.

In the literature the “handbook of music therapy” it is believed that music therapy provides a structured relationship that is mutual to be set up between the client and music therapist. This developing relationship then allows changes to take place in the client’s condition and it gives the music therapist an idea of how the session should take place as they are more aware of the client’s condition. With the creative use of music in a clinical setting, the therapist’s plans to…
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