Music Therapy For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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There is an art in this world that we live in, which could possibly help a person who is autistic to cope with everyday functions in life. This special kind of creativity can help some children on the autism spectrum with regulating behaviors, help them cope with anxieties and frustration, and improve focus and attention. This art may also help a child to socially interact with their peers. May also help a non-verbal child to open up and begin to communicate, whether it would be verbally or non verbally ("New Hope for Autism: Music Therapy for Children with Autism and Asperger 's Syndrome"). Now imagine that you were a parent who has a child with deficits such as these and has tried numerous treatments with no beneficial results. You would be ecstatic to hear this information and would want to know what this art is and how to receive it. Music therapy is the art that will be discussed in this paper and the beneficial effects it has on children on the autism spectrum. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or Autism is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s everyday life. Some deficits may include communication (verbal and nonverbal), social interaction, and repetitive behavior. People with ASD may also show signs of motor coordination issues, intellectual disability, and physical health issues. “There are 1 in 68 American children on the spectrum ("What Is Autism?").” Parents are always trying to find treatments that may help relieve these children from their symptoms.
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