Music Therapy Within Children And Adolescent Bereavement

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Music Therapy within Children and Adolescent Bereavement While the bereavement process may be a universal chapter of life, the experience itself is conclusively subjective. Specifically for younger individuals, bereavement is a very complex encounter because developmental factors must be considered. The loss of an individual in a child’s life is heavily influenced on the time in which it occurs because coping mechanisms may or may not be developed. For example, if a child does not understand the context of death, they most likely will not have adequate coping skills to process this life-changing experience. Children and adolescents who are facing bereavement may face developmental relapse as well as changes in social, behavioral, emotional, and physiological domains (Osterweis, 1984).
As with many issues identified in the world of children and adolescents, early intervention is imperative. In our modern world, there are numerous treatment options complementary to various approaches that have been empirically proven to be beneficial to these individuals. Respectively, creative therapies may be valuable in addressing several of the domains mentioned previously. One creative method of treatment that has been proven to positively facilitate the grieving process is music therapy. Music therapy is typically implemented in a group setting, although some clients benefit greater from individual interventions. Group music therapy has the capability to promote sharing, facilitate…
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