Music Therapy and Its Positive Effects on the Brain Essay

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Modern medicine is the combination of modern technologies and ancient practices. Along with technological advance in medical equipment and treatment, using music to connect to patients is still a reliable practice. Throughout the history of healing practices, music has been used as a remedy. Music is so groundbreaking in the fact that it actually has the ability to affect human beings in so many ways. Music is a huge advantage in a treatment plan as it is calming, strengthening and it can be used for both the physically and mentally ill. To start, the American Music Therapy Association defines Music Therapy as, “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship…show more content…
This component is why it’s a smarter choice then pharmaceutical drugs. Humans have a physiological response to music. The way a person can get chills from music, the way heartbeats are effected, and breathing are all proof of the physical response music has on human beings. Musical Therapists are just trained to use this beneficially. They are trained to use music to elicit the desired effect on people. From birth brains are able to process music, there’s been research showing that day-old infants have the ability to notice differences in rhythmic patterns. This is why lullabies have an effect on babies, and why being rocked rhythmically calms babies, this trick has been used with babies even before language existed. This readiness to respond to music is why children dance and sing at such young ages, and it’s why music therapy for young children is just as productive as music therapy for adults. Music is also strongly attached with memories. Often times people relate songs with times in their life. Music is second to smell in this ability to stimulate memory. This quality of music can be taken advantage of with patients who are in depressive states due to mental or physical reasoning, to bring back happier memories or allow them to mentally be somewhere else. There is proof behind this theory that music helps heal, it’s not just a concept people choice to believe. In one

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