Music Throughout History

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Throughout history people listened to music and used it for various different things. In the earliest of times music was used to help emphasize story telling(Young 11). As centuries went on music became more prominent in everyday things and eventually was used for social occasions like festivals and weddings(Young 82). Today we use music for everything from recreational to rehabilitating people. We use music to express ourselves and say things we don’t know how to say. Music is an outlet for people now-a-days. What people don’t realize is that music is basically a medicine. It helps us rehabilitate people, calm them down, keep our bodies in rhythm, and it is used to help people with disabilities function better in society. The only thing is is that people don’t know how to properly use music to help themselves and others. But music is beneficial to people’s health!
More than 5,000 musical therapists work in hospitals, schools, rehabs, nursing homes, prisons, and at people’s homes in the United States today and more than half of them are working with the mentally ill, disabled, or the elderly(Campbell 126). As early as the 19th and early 20th centuries Americans have been using music for medicinal reasons(Campbell 121). In early 1899 James L. Corning conducted the first controlled study using music to treat his patients(Campbell 122). Using the musical styles of Wagner and other Romantic composers he concluded their styles helped reduce the morbid thoughts of the patients and
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