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The “Music” of Today The so called “music” of today is absolutely horrid! It’s all filled with sex, drugs, violence, and politics. It’s rotting our children’s brains and society along with it. There are things in todays’ music that would make my grandmother cry. Artists like “nickel minad”, “can-yay”, “snow dog”, and “Argentina Grand” are just a few of the artists of today. These artists sing songs I’m not even going to mention because they are so bad. It’s awful the things they allow into the music today.
One of the biggest problems today is this “Bay-one-see” person. She seems to be the leader of all this. The things in her music make me sick. I feel bad for her daughter, growing up with a mother who leaves nothing to the imagination,
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Music about the American dream, filled with real American values. The music industry was just one big family; there were no fights or rivalries. There was no drama then, it was a simpler time -- A better time. This generation is going down the toilet. We need to go back to those times: all the racism and drugs rampant on the street, the high teen pregnancy rates, the ignorance of any religion other than Christianity, and the locking the gays in the closet. There were so many less problems to deal with and, best of all, the media was honest, no fake news!
A millennial would probably argue “But sex, drugs, violence, and politics were in old songs too?”, and to that I would say “Those were the times!” All that was in the past, which is all we are going to have left if we let the younglings music continue the path it’s on. We have to stop giving the millennials everything they need; when I was younger I didn’t have all this fancy internet stuff.
I’m an old cranky baby boomer and I’m always right and I never do anything wrong nor do I have any consequences to my actions. Nothing you can say or do can make me change my mind because I am very stubborn and ignorant and believe I am above everyone else in every way possible. This problem needs to be fixed and we need to bring back good
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