Music Used In The Hobbit

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When you turn on the radio, everybody that the sound can reach will typically suggest to play their favorite band or genre of music.Whether it is alternative, punk rock, or smooth jazz, music is something that everybody enjoys listening to. This is no exception in the novel, “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Music plays an important role in this book where you frequently read songs sung by dwarves, elves, and goblins. Although all of these magical beings sing songs that may look similar at first glance, these tunes could not be more different! In chapter one of “The Hobbit,” thirteen dwarves begin singing a song about an adventure over Misty Mountains and taking back the gold and treasure that the evil dragon, Smaug, stole from the them. The last line of the song states,”We must away, ere break of day, to win our harps and gold from him!” The dwarves were exceptionally determined to march up to Smaug and take the back the precious gold that was rightfully theirs.’ The tone of the song was very bold and adventurous. This is proved by the length of the song. The song sung by the dwarves is so long that the when you read it, you feel as if you are with…show more content…
This song is shorter, and much more peculiar and mystifying than the tune sung by the dwarves. Almost every stanza ends with a “Ha, ha!” this is a small, but important factor to the mystery of the song. It leaves you with many questions. Why are they laughing? What are they laughing at? As mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, the song sung by the elves is much shorter than the dwarves’ tune. The length of this song contributes to the mysterious tone. If this song was long and drawn out, the reader would no longer be left with questions about the song. They would know why the elves were laughing, and they would also know the answers to the questions the elves asked the group of travellers. Without the tone and length of the song the mystery and suspense would be
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