Music and Christians Essay

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Music is an everyday occurrence for most people. In some way, shape and form, people listen to music. For Christians, specially those at bible college, this can be in chapel day to day. For others it may be in a car or even in the workplace, which can be the case for Christians also. Music for me is an everyday occurrence, not only in chapel but also in other places such as my dorm room and when I get ready for sports. These things has caused me to research the topic of music. It has a huge impact on my life. I have sometimes listened to music when I am stressed out and need an escape. I listen to music to get ready for sports games, such as for football and basketball. Music is in my dorm room when I am doing homework. When reading or …show more content…
The music I listen to most is in the rock genre. Solomon elaborated on this topic when determining whether rock music is evil or not: “Rock music is not intrinsically evil. It did not originate in a pagan past, and even if it did that would not mean that it is evil. Nevertheless, since it has been a prominent and influential part of American culture for several decades, it demands the attention of evangelicals. The attention it is given should begin with the understanding that the problems that are a part of rock do not reside in the music itself; they reside in sinful people who can and often do abuse it. The same can be said about any musical style, or any other art form.” (Solomon So to look at it this way is to see that rock music is not evil in itself. But it does show that we are to look at the abuse of it and lean on the fact of the lyrics as stated earlier. Another source looks at whether God can use rock music for His glory or not. The article says that question shouldn’t be, “Can God use Christian rock music for His glory?” but it should be, “Will He use Christian rock music for His glory.” (Bealer The author Paula Bealer follows that with a question of her own, “Why wouldn’t he?” She also goes on to state: This scripture [Psalms 150:3-6] is only one of many scriptures that tell us to use

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