Music and Cultural Identity

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Some may say music is just music; a song is just a song. However, music plays an enormous role in our psychology, because a single song has the ability to bring about many kinds of thoughts and emotions in the listener. Music is subtly one of the main factors in which people identify with certain groups and establish their belonging in society. It shapes people’s perspectives on how the world functions and the roles they play within it. Music can function the same way in a culture; it can reflect many of the culture’s values and ideologies. Music can have many effects on culture and the people’s idea of who they think they are within that culture. Music can serve in a way that promotes cultural identity and pride, yet it could also play a…show more content…
Their sense of belongingness gives the people pride, because the songs embody the rich history, culture, and values of Mexico. As a result, people in in Mexican communities are able to proudly identify themselves as Mexicans. With a vast amount of culturally proud people, Mexican culture will ultimately be kept alive. Music can also be a differentiating factor for social and economic classes. In lecture twelve (Roma music), the clear distinction between the romungre and vlachs musicals groups proved that music influenced this separation. The types of instruments used, or lack of, tell of the people’s standing in the social and economic ladders. For instance, romungre music is professional, urban, and was played in elaborate settings. In the video excerpt shown during lecture, the well-dressed man played the violin, while the other members played other various instruments such as the cimbalom and piano. The possession of the various instruments is clear evidence that the people in that community have extra money to spend on these luxurious items. In addition to the aesthetics of the performance, the sounds produced by these instruments also suggest a level of sophistication and class. The song began with a sow tempo, which offers a smooth timbre. The tempo then sped up, which showed the virtuosity of performers, suggesting the affluence of the performers, because he was
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