Music and Emotion

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Jack Peluso-Hoffman 24 : 101 : 37 10/10/07 Music Day Music affects people in various ways. Ones reaction to music differs from person to person. It can evoke emotions of both joy and happiness. Music can stir up old memories of different times, places, and people. In the U.S. a major part of life is music, as stated by Natalie Guice Adams and Pamela J. Bettis, “ American institution that can tell us something about ourselves, like jazz, baseball, and cheerleading, are also not static but being created anew with each generation.” (Remix 240.) One can see how large of a role music plays in people’s lives, and that’s why I’m proposing a holiday based on celebrating and enjoying music all over the world. One thing that just about…show more content…
Everyone from popular artists to local bands would hit the stage and play just for the love of music. Free concerts available in just about every town for everyone to enjoy. This would give people a chance to go hear their favorite music artists. This opens up the idea of travel on Music Day. People and their families may want to go see a performer who is far away, and what better way to go on a small family vacation. I can just hear it now, “Hey Kids pack your bags were going to New York City for Music day.” The key to this aspect of the holiday is for all the concerts to be free of charge, so that way everyone who wants to has the option to go listen to professional musicians. Whether it is the symphony, a bluegrass show, a solo pianists, the latest rap artist, or even a heavy metal band performances would be taking place all day so there is always something for everyone. Parents can go down to the jazz club, or check out an oldies concert while the kids see the local punk bands performing just down the block. This event would of course be massive and require a lot of planning and thought, but a holiday celebrating the joy music brings to our lives is well worth that. Plus Music Day would be a holiday everyone would look forward to. Going to concerts is fun and exciting. People pay big bucks to see professionals do their thing on stage and walk away feeling like they got the best out of their money. The free concerts would be gain public popularity in no time at all,
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