Music and Politics Influence Lives

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Music and politics are two of the main influences on people’s lives. Politics influences the public’s thoughts about other countries and music plays a role in people’s lives whether they are in a state of melancholy or happiness. I, Vibodh Gupta, writing for the Huffington Post, will analyse songs which are linked to politics and which speak the public’s mind about some situations about the government.
The song I have chosen is “Hands Held High” by Linkin Park. This song speaks out against the US government under the Bush administration; it is a message for the citizens to take action, to stand up against the PATRIOT act and George Bush’s administration. The issues addressed are the American’s anger towards Bush’s ruling, the PATRIOT act, the Iraq war, the discrepancy between rich and poor, and rise in gas prices as a proxy to inflation which causes the rich to get richer.
The first part of the song is from the American viewpoint, the things that the citizens are angered by; they think that the world is laughing at their leader’s decisions. I think that the first part is from the American viewpoint because of the stereotype that the American government, George Bush, was the first one to resort to violence as a solution to its problems. I believe that “Words on loose leaf sheet” refers to the propaganda and how Americans are being bombarded with this due to the Bush Patriot Act. The second part is from the viewpoint of the outside world; watching the leader stuttering and
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