Music as a Stress Reliever

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They say music is one of the biggest stress relievers while acting gives you a chance to engulf yourself into a character and be someone else for a change. Together these two create Musical Theater, possibly one of the best two combinations known to man. Musical Theater is a worldwide form of entertainment that has been around since ancient times and exhibits emotion through a series of acts which include singing, dancing and scripted acting. Different areas of the world follow unique storylines which are relevant to their past and current events. The beginning of Musical Theater dates back to ancient times and originates mainly from the Romans, Greeks and Natya Shastas and interestingly enough, it also dates back to The Harlem Renaissance Era. In the third BC Roman comedies began to include dance and music. The Romans attached metal slabs to the bottom of their shoes helping them to dance better. These shoes were called Sabilla shoes which now have evolved into tap shoes. In the fifth BC ancient Greeks followed in the Romans footsteps by including dance and music into their theatrical plays. PARAGRAPH ABOUT ROMAN RENAISSANCE ERA Later in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, religious dramas with chants and poetic lines transformed slowly into musicals as they began to add music into the dramas. In the 1700s ballad and comic operas, which were considered early Musicals, grew in popularity throughout Britain, France and Germany ( While Musicals
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