Music has always been my large part of my life. As a listener, I am able to empathize with emotion

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Music has always been my large part of my life. As a listener, I am able to empathize with emotion and artistic expressions to further understand and connect my own emotions. However, it wasn’t until I received my first guitar that I uncovered the transcendental, transformative, and magical idiosyncrasies of music. These qualities have been seamlessly spent with endless hours of unrelenting practice mixed with boundless creativity. Music has a way of capturing not only my emotions, but also my imagination. The effort and time I have invested into it has allowed me to create compositions and improvisations that alleviate my anxieties while daily enriching my life. Despite this devout passion for music, my first experiences with a guitar…show more content…
This immediately altered my previous instructional methods that proved slow and inefficient. I was learning songs via tablature and video lessons but lacked the core understanding of music theory and what it represents. Without essential music theory knowledge I was at a disadvantage because I could only learn songs with tablatures available (which is not that many), or I could only learn through tablature, therefore I would not be unable to compose the type of music I wanted because I lacked the natural ability to create consonant melodies. After a friend showed me a basic outline of what music theory encompasses, I applied it to my compositions and instantly heard and felt improvement in the quality of my instrumentation. Music theory is language with rules and standards that can be innovated and reinvented. By having an understanding of which notes and chords are consonant and dissonant, I produced better melodies and I heard in my mind the timbre I wanted. I quickly became fascinated by all the patterns and idiosyncrasies that exist in modern music and began to emulate sounds and techniques of my favorite musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, and Eric Clapton. The notes, the harmonies, the melodies I produced finally began to progress. I became musically self-sufficient, capable of learning
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