Music in the Caribbean

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Music is “The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre” ( Farlex, Inc 2013). Caribbean music has its own unique history, is very diverse with each island having its own unique genre of music. With so many different types of music out there and different performing artists these artists are looking for ways to make money by becoming popular. Music in the Caribbean was first developed by the Neo Indians around 1600 the Neo Indians died taken their culture and music. Music then reemerged when the African slaves came to the Caribbean. The type of music the Africans brought was both lively and entertaining. The slaves found a rhythm in…show more content…
Emphasized although the Caribbean is made up of different islands we must live as one to survive in this world, and to rally round each other in all our endeavors. Reggae music is produced in Jamaica and originated in the 1960; it is a style of dance music. Reggae’s has its roots in New Orleans rhythm and blues. However reggae changed to chanting and emphasized that syncopated beat. Reggae has a relationship with the Rastafarians both in the lyrics and the use of African nyah-bingi drumming style. The nyah-bingi drumming style mimics a heartbeat pattern (thump-thump, pause, thump-thump). Jamaica has produced many famous reggae artistes such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. Bob Marley’s music was inspirational to everyone who heard it; his influence upon the various populations still remains unparalleled. His music challenged colonialism and racism, in his song ‘One Drop’ which had a profound effect on many people and counties English speaking and non-English speaking. Even after death his music still inspires many, his legacy lives on through his sons Damian Marley and Ziggy Marley. Dance hall was born out of reggae music in the late 1970’s; it is the most popular form of music from Jamaica. There is a wide variety of artists and sub-genres present in the dance hall arena with slack lyrics, homophobia, and violence are very popular. Also music videos and stage performances with scantily

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