Music in the Classroom Essay

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Music in the Classroom

Tying music into education has found to be most effective with young elementary aged children and those with disabilities. Music has had extreme positive influence on school-aged and non-English speaking children learning to read, write, and remember. It is sort of a motivation to learn and do well in school. Music in the classroom must begin with the teacher and end with the student. If teachers plan to integrate their teaching with music, they must find an effective way to do so.

Chalmers, Olson, & Zurkowski (1999) state that music possesses the power to arouse or relax, create a feeling of happiness or sadness, and even alter physiological states of heart rate and blood pressure. The power of music has the
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Sixty beats per minute music does tend to have the best results when aimed at calmness and relaxation.
Make sure the students find the music enjoyable and that the students have some part in selecting the music.
Use an appropriate and adequate sound system.
If you choose to use music, make sure that it is used on a consistent basis.
Play music as students enter the room in order to set a tone for what is to come.
Be cautious when using music in a classroom of children who are more easily distracted.
Music can be combined with other relaxation techniques like deep breathing.
If using sixty beats per minute music, have the students take their pulse and try to get their pulse to match the beat of the music.
When with younger students, classic Disney songs really seem to provide a very relaxing atmosphere as the students find certain songs familiar and comforting.
Background music can be used strategically throughout the day, for a pleasant start to the day, a lift in the afternoon, and to reduce stress during more difficult assignments. Diane Langfit (1994) lobbies for the integration of music at the earliest levels of childhood education, stating that the power of music should be incorporated into classrooms and capitalized upon to help with reading and writing. She explains that music will undoubtedly touch students on an extremely personal level, all the while enhancing memory. Brown & Brown (1997) state that music automatically hits on
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