Music is Essential to a Complete Education

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Education is the foundation that our entire society is built on. Without education, society could not grow and prosper. Without education, we wouldn't have things like electricity, plumbing, or any other common amenities that is present in our society today. Education is important to not only the children receiving it, but to their parents and members of the community as a whole. Education is offered to many in U.S. thanks to public education, and laws that say children must be in school until they are six-teen. Education incorporates not only the four main subjects people usually know, which are science and math, english, and social studies, but music education as well. Music Education is important to children because of the positive…show more content…
(“Why Teach Music). The fact that music incorporates all these different subject areas is just one reason why it helps in other subjects. Music affects children in many ways. Children who study music have a larger vocabulary and better reading skills than students who do not study music. This helps them improve their essay writing, which is an important skill to have in high school and college. Studying music also helps the brain comprehend speech when there is noise or other distractions going on. This means that there is an even greater benefit to music education for kids with learning disabilities or children who lose focus easily. Music education also affects the way a persons brain comprehends the human language. This allows students to have an easier time learning a second language, which is now a very important skill to have when applying for jobs. Another benefit is that students who study music have a higher level of self-esteem, and are therefore more confident around others and more willing to express themselves personality wise and they are more willing to express ideas they have. They are also then more willing to work as a team. Schools with music programs have, about, a twenty-seven percent higher graduation rate and a nine percent attendance rate than schools without a music program (11 Facts about Music). There is no exact age that is best to start learning a musical instrument. There are many stories of musicians, like violinist
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