Music of the Sixties Essay

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Music in the Sixties

The music of the sixties went through tremendous change. It shaped mush of the music we hear today. From New Orleans came Jazz, from the East Coast came rock, from the West Coast came Psychedelic rock, and from England came the Invasion.

"In 1963 the Beatles shattered the dreariness of the music business. And with them came rock, the music of the sixties, and a music quite different from rock’n’roll." The jazz era had slowly faded away and in came the Beatles, possibly the most influential group of musicians ever to play. Producing a new sound soon dubbed "the Liverpool sound"; this sound would go on to revolutionize the entire sixties era. Along with the Beatles cam the shaggy hairstyles by men and the lower
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This would end up in the band receiving FM radio play in which they would show up for interviews. The band’s popularity would spread by local underground press and word of mouth. This same formula was key in building the Jeff Beck Group, Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker, and Led Zeppelin. Music was beginning to take a step in a different direction.

Another area that new music was beginning to develop was in the slums of San Francisco. The Haight-Ashbury district would spawn acts such as Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and the Grateful Dead. San Francisco had developed a consciousness about rock. Janis Joplin left in 1967 and traveled to Texas where she found her claim to fame. Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead stayed in Sna Francisco playing in small theatres and venues. The most famous of these was the Filmore West. The combination of this improvisational rock bands and psychedelic drugs produced a subculture never seen before. The hippies had invaded the United States. Jimi Hendrix helped pave this new style of music. "He challenged people with his extensions of the guitar into all sorts of realms that had been overlooked, ignored, or undiscovered." The improvisational rock was strongly supported by an underground force that helped the band in many ways. They gained the band popularity by spreading the word, they kept the venues packed by
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