Music 's Influence On My Life

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I have never been one to love writing with a passion, this is honesty. We all have different passions and ambitions that generally come to us naturally. My passion happens to be music, it always has been. From a young age I discovered music and it has had an extreme impact on my life so when we were asked to begin thinking of a central thesis question to research and write about, music came to mind almost immediately. But instead, I chose to challenge myself by writing about something that actually has a big meaning. Yes, of course I find music to be quite a big deal but I wanted to choose a subject that is an issue in this world and has such a great meaning that it could impact another individual’s life positively whether it be by…show more content…
I responded in the reflection by stating that I found the course syllabus for English 102 to be much like that of the syllabus for English 101. This did not come as a surprise to me because, in a way, it was what I expected. I went on in my early reflection by saying that I find sudden change to be uncomfortable, which I still do, but I also stated that change is good. Another view that I still agree with. I find it to be odd and slightly ironic that I mentioned this because throughout this semester that is exactly what I felt like I endured as an English student, change.
After completing a chain of assignments early in the semester, we began to finally look into creating our central question for our research essay. The assignments prepared me for creating this question by looking through the course readings and reflecting on the authors views through writing. For instance, when we read Bruce Ballenger’s “Lets End Thesis Tyranny” I realized that the basic “hook, body, conclusion” paper was something that was used far too often although it is a traditional writing strategy and is a method I find hard to stray away from. The thing I liked about Ballenger’s article is how he encouraged writers to think outside of the box for once by expanding their minds, so I began to expand on how I could catch the reader’s attention with this method. My first Thesis question related to the economy and immigration but
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