Music 's Influence On Western Music

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As far as I’m concerned, music has magical power, as the saying goes, music makes a qualities of race higher and expensive, where have music, where enjoy to melt . I think western music is the most fashionable music in the world.Even in classical western music, it was also very modern.Western music has very long history, experienced lots of difficulties and changes. Until now, there are still many researchers studying western music’s history. As I know, early western music mostly were light music which didn’t have lyrics. Only some folk songs have lyrics , but they were not composed by composers, it was sang randomly by people and then it became more and more popular. With the development of culture, music developed fast. There appeared

some song writers, they wrote lyrics and matched light music. This form can express people’s feelings more easily and directly. So most modern western music are songs which both have rhythm and lyrics.

1. A brief introduction about western music’s characteristics.

Western has three typical characteristics. Firstly, it often refers to the origin of Christian civilization. Secondly, composers have their own personal creation and personal styles. Thirdly, it has scientific tradition and the pursue of science..Through books and Internet, we can know some western musicians such as, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and so on, they are all very creative musicians. According to these musicians, we can learn some western music’s development. A person

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