Music 's Power : Doc 's Piano

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Music’s power is usually described as being able to instill an emotion in its listeners. But music comes to mean even more in The Power of One. It represents someone’s spirit - Doc’s. The music he creates is a metonym for his thoughts and inner spirit. Music, especially Doc’s piano, is a physical representation of his life and spirit, revealing music to be the force that Doc uses to communicate and connect with the rest of the world. Doc loves music, but this love extends from mere enjoyment to letting music dictate his life. When he introduces himself to Peekay and he asks what a professor is, Doc’s “shoulders [sag] visibly” as he describes one as “a person who drinks too much whisky and once plays goot Beethoven and…even sometimes, when it was not serious, Chopin” (146). It says something that Doc’s answer involves his own past greatness, instead of something more straightforward. His past success has weighed on his mind every day, ever since his last concert in Berlin when panic grabbed him and he could not play the third movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Every night since then, Doc has tried to play it, but “always in the third movement it is the same, the music in my fingers and my head and my heart will not proceed...then the wolves howl in my head and only whisky will make them quiet again” (202). By saying that the music is not only in his fingers, but also his head and heart, Doc reveals that what he plays comes from his inner spirit, which,…

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