Music vs. Machine

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Music Vs. Machine There are a number of factors to consider when attempting to determine whether or not the internet has done more to help musicians or to hurt them. Some of these factors are discussed within the internet posts of John Gump and Faza. However, the question of whether or not the internet has helped or hurt musicians is actually fairly broad. All musicians are not the same. There are living room, weekend warrior hobbyists who can consider themselves musicians, as well as professionals, who earn money for the playing and the distributing of their craft. A thorough examination of the arguments presented by the aforementioned authors demonstrates that the internet has done much to assist the former of these "musicians", and done just as much to harm the earning potential of the latter. To phrase this point more clearly, the internet has helped musicians in providing widespread access to a number of tools that are useful for the contemplation, production, and creation of music. But it has not helped musicians to earn a living. For the most part, the prudent reader can discern that much of the response from John Gump regarding Gaza's original post was misdirected and irrelevant to the latter's primary argument that the internet has created even more economically challenging positions for musicians than the previous system in place. All of Gump's arguments about the timeliness of Gaza's assertions and the fact that it is still too early to discern the result of
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