Musical Movement of Jazz

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Everyone has a favorite type of music. Many people follow music closely and have unique tastes. Some people find genres and mixes of genres that they like. People find other people who share these musical interests. People who immerse themselves in a genre or performer find the live performance particularly meaningful and seek out those artists in concert. Music concerts are some of the biggest and most attended events in our modern culture. These are venues where people come together and express themselves through movement and sound. Individuals transcend their everyday experience, connecting to the performers and each other. It is addictive. Its almost religious. The desire to return to that “mountain top” is powerful. If it is powerful for the audience, how much more powerful is it to the performers. What if the flow just isn’t there next time. What if a tolerance level starts to build up. The level In the modern era, one of the first big movements in music was jazz. Jazz is a evolution of music, which brings together traditional european harmonies with blue notes and improvisation with are usually associated with traditional african music. This music, in its early and most basic forms, was played and personalized all over the world, but there are places in the United States that are generally considered the “birthplace” of jazz, more specifically the south. Since then, Jazz has become one of the most popular and widely listened to genres of music in history. What
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