Musical Of Musicals : The Musical

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Musical of Musicals: The Musical was a performance of multiple musicals within one another. As the audience was filling up the seats, the Assisstant Director did a great job of having trivia of the musicals that were going to be perfomed on the backdrop projection screen. I easily picked up on the musical scene Sound of Music. My personal overall experience with attending the musical was a very entertaining and upbeat atmosphere. When the musical was about to begin, Brittany Hines told us, “You better do what I say to do, and when I say it.” I wasn’t expecting such fierceness and sexuality with the whip, I felt that having the whip was a bit much. However; Brittany Hines did get her point across and I definitely listend more than what I would’ve if she hadn’t told us what to do. This musical was a style of presentational acting. The way the Musical of Musicals: The Musical portrayed this form was used whenever the Audience Contriage Brittany Hines asked the on floor stage seaters what plays have they attended, and also what types of musicals they have either been a part of or attended. I felt the pacing was appropriate in most cases, however in some cases I felth that a few of the main stage actors started to rush through long lines, which made it hard to understand clearly. An example was when the Haley Mizelle was singing and was on top of the box when she started singing and dancing then had to switch to talking to Garrett D. Reese she had a hard transition. All the

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