Musical Propaganda In Japada Research Paper

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Many endeavors had been made by every nation participated in the war to encourage people to contribute to the war effort. One prominent example is the musical propaganda in wartime Japan. In particular, the Japanese government used gunka (military song) for the purpose of encouraging values that convince people to contribute to the Japanese war effort. It is significant to examine the values that were encouraged by the Japanese musical propaganda and their effects on Japanese people between 1937 and 1945 because this investigation can reveal the contemporary policy and strategy of the Japanese government and the sentiments of the Japanese people who were going to the Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War. This essay begins by discussing the importance of the use of musical propaganda to encourage the value of the…show more content…
Lastly, it studies the value of honorable death in the gunka and its contribution to the Japanese war effort. This essay concludes that the Japanese musical propaganda between 1937 and 1945 affected the sentiments and actions of Japanese people by encouraging the values of the glory of war, nationalism and the Emperor, and honorable death through the lyrics. Encouraging the value of the glory of war was crucial for the Japanese government to justify their actions of entering the war. For example, the lyrics of a gunka Teki wa Ikuman glorify the actions of the Japanese military: “Choku wa kyoku ni zo kachiguri” (“Justice must defeat the evil”) (slhs0083, “Teki wa Ikuman”). In these lyrics, the Japanese army is called “justice”, the Western powers are called “evil”, and the act of the Japanese army entering the war is called “justice defeating the evil”. Through the lyrics, the government aimed to show the Japanese people that Japan was fighting against the Western imperialism in order to liberate East Asian countries from colonization (Sandler 859). At
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