Musical Taste Buds: How and Why We Have Musical Tendencies Essay

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Music is a universal language. All around the world, music exists and lives in many forms and genres. Personally, I have yet to hear a song or composition that I did not thoroughly enjoy. Throughout my life, I have learned my take on music is not the typical one. Most people I know lean towards certain genres and have at least one they avoid completely. Sometimes, it is a certain band, artist, or sound that others find unappealing. I have always wondered why I seem to be so unbiased to music compared to other people I know. Why do so many people tend to limit themselves to only enjoy certain music? For me, enjoying music is about the experience and the feeling presented in a composition. For me, music is, first and foremost, audio art. As …show more content…
Through my research, I began to believe more and more that music is something that subsisted before it was even recognized as existent. It is hard to track the origins of sound because it would have come before writing, before symbols, and would have no way of stamping itself into our earliest history. The first evidence of music we have is tangible, the first musical instrument. For an instrument to have been created, the creator had to have a sound in mind that he wanted to replicate.
In 1997, it was announced that what was believed to be the oldest musical instrument had been discovered. In “Fang or Flint? What made the ‘Neanderthal Flute’?” the author, Bob Fink, discusses the possibility of this 43,000 year old piece of bone being a part of an ancient flute. Flutes could not have been used if stronger windpipes had not developed. If it is the case that a flute existed, some form of music and sounds had to have been created beforehand. For someone to decide to create a flute man must have been using his voice or other found objects as instruments and these would have paved the way for the creation of an actual flute. To even be able to play a flute, one would have had to have enough lung capacity to be able to form the sounds. Before any formal instrument, aside from possibly drumming, some form of human vocal music had to exist that would cause man to want to create a wind instrument.
Before we began to develop

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