Musician Suicide

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Musician Suicide
Ross A. Hudson
Bryant University

Suicide is an ongoing issue is society today. Every day, individuals take their own lives when the struggles of life become too much as well as a number of other reasons. But while to the general public suicide is a big enough problem, it seems to be only a bigger problem when it comes to musicians and other celebrities. one of the most famous cases happened 20 years ago when lead singer of Nirvana Kurt Cobain took his own life, leaving many fans and psychologists wondering why. It’s a phenomenon that has many questioning if there is a positive correlation between being a musicians and being prone to committing suicide as well as the reasons why. In Sheila M. Eldred’s article “Why Are
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It makes sense, those suffering from major depression often have prolonged periods of sadness, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, as well as social withdrawal and trouble creating ideas. While all these symptoms point to someone who is definitely at risk of suicide, one may wonder why they would show up in a well off and popular musicians when modern psychology points to the poor as being the most susceptible to depression. Contrary to popular belief, while some musicians hit it big and make millions off their music, the vast majority of them don’t. they are left to struggle through life trying to find gigs to make enough money to pay the rent. without any one listening or caring about their music, these musicians can start feeling worthless and start losing hope. when this depression becomes so severe they may start having trouble making new music because of the cognitive sluggishness depression brings about creating a vicious cycle of depression that some may see only one outcome to.
While major depression might explain most of the musician suicides, but what about the ones that occur with a successful musician. Kurt Cobain, the main example from Eldred's article, was fairly a successful and popular musician with his band Nirvana at the time of his death. Dr. Moutiers theory that the perfectionist nature of being a musician and constantly being under the spotlight of the public eye could lead someone
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