Musicians Playing Related Injuries

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Maybe it’s a sharp pain in your wrist, or a nagging ache in your thumb every time you play your instrument, perhaps you have a recital and a throbbing arises in your forearm. Yet, this is the way of a serious musician, practicing at every moment is your life! However, studies show that up to seventy-five percent of musicians suffer playing-related injuries. These injuries can take time out of practices and performances, postpone musical advancements, and may cost a musician their job. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid and reduce these injuries and help save the careers of countless musicians from these and regular and Repetitive Strain Injuries.
The first instrument dated back 40,000 years where early humans made a bone flute, since then, humans have made hundreds of instruments, including trumpets, violins, pianos and many more. As instruments progressed, so did the skill level of the musicians, however, with this …show more content…

Many other musicians have lost their careers to injuries, and the rest are prone to them more than ever. As stated before, “seventy-five percent of musicians suffer playing-related injuries, yet the most injuries were located on the younger musicians”, says Howard Cohen. One of the many reasons that the younger musicians get the most serious injuries, the reasoning behind this is younger musicians are trying to get in big class orchestras, so they get their music and spend every second of everyday practicing, they wear out there hands/lips and don’t end up in the orchestra. Unfortunately, this problem also hits middle and high school musicians, leaving them with problems forever. Overall, injuries can take careers and leave musicians with devastating effect on their

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