Music's Health Effects

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Imagine a world, where everyone has advanced focus, where everyone has no stress, and where everyone is perfectly happy. This perfect utopia may seem like a setting in a futuristic science fiction book, but this utopia is not some far flung reality. It’s possible, through the powerful healing effects of music. Music for centuries has entertained the crowds who came to watch it, but until recently have we learned the effects it brings to the human body. From raising your oxygen saturation, to lowering your blood pressure to changing mood, the health effects of music are becoming more and more revealed. As man begins to unlock the secret’s of music, this knowledge can start being applied to the real world. This includes the world of…show more content…
(Landau #17) This totally changes the way music is perceived by humans, and can help humanity advance to the next stage in its development.

While the brain is one area for music’s effect on focus, a more real world situation can be found across the many business offices of the world. Multiple studies have shown when classical music I played in the office, productiveness is increased. Along with this, comes many benefits such as: workers can get more done, better quality, and faster work loads. Boredom is also decreased, when music is played in the office. In a study, classical music was played for 15 minutes, and the participants reported time seemed to go by quicker. Also, when listening to music, boring tasks (such as writing a paper) are less boring. They not only go by quicker, but also get less boring along the way. In a study done with classical music, it significantly increased working memory performance compared with the no-music condition. In addition, this effect did not occur with white noise. (Mammerella N. #27) Music in the workplace, also keeps you focused on the task at hand. As in the previous paragraph, music’s ability to improve focus is great, and in the workplace it is no different.

One of the greatest effects of music, is of its mental health effects. Not only with improving actual mental illness, but also with
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