Music’s Influence on Society

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Music’s Influence in Society Music is a tool that touches the world and does not require anyone to understand the words to hear its voice. It is something innate to every living human being that does not have to be taught, but is just felt or expressed. Music has been appreciated by people throughout time, enjoyed and celebrated from Beethoven, Bach and Mozart to AD/DC, Beyonce and Prince and will continue to be revered so long as man is free to play it. Music is also feared by many as it can unite a people, prompt the march of an army, express the feelings of the repressed, create an entire new group of people, or even be the tune to topple a dynasty. This was proven by the people known as the “Hippies” as this class of people rallied behind bands such as Janis Joplin, The Who or Jimi Hendrix, with none being more prominent than the Beatles. Music has an influence on society in a greater way than any can imagine, just take a look at the sixties and their figurehead The Beatles and how they did not make people hate the war in Vietnam, nothing in their lyrics says anything about the war. They just brought together like-minded people who started a revolution and changed the perspective on an entire altercation. But like Steven Stark says, “’Why on earth would anyone need another work [book] about the Beatles?’” and this is quite true if it wasn’t for the fact that most works written on this innovative group are bibliographies or dissections of the musical prowess. Instead,
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