Muslim Culture Oppression

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Women’s Oppression in Muslim Culture
Many people have the chance to be great citizens, however their actions of oppression towards others defines them as evil. These horrible events are often seen in areas with poor government, religious beliefs, or corrupt laws. In the Muslim culture, women in Afghanistan are highly oppressed because of verses from the Qu'ran; this oppression has violated women's rights for years, and although women have been treated poorly for a long time, there is still hope that women will have better rights than they do now.
Religious and cultural oppression against women is not a new topic in today’s society. People have been insulting, raping, and oppressing women for a long time. Even though females deal with oppression
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A woman by the name of Farkhunda was beaten to death for allegedly burning a Qu’ran. “They beat her over and over by kicking and throwing stones. The men then threw her body infront of a car, dragged her to the river bed, continued to throw stones, and ignited her body on fire” (Rubin 1). As these men were hurting Farkhunda, bystanders stood and watched without informing the police. These actions show what little respect the men have for women in that area. “Three days after her death, the ministry of Hajj ruled her innocent. She did not burn a Qu’ran.” Therefore the death of Farkhunda was uncalled for and did not need to happen. Unfortunately, because there were so many attackers the police were unable to blame people for her death and the case was dropped. However, if something like this were to happen in the U.S., the government would not allow for the case to end until people were to be imprisoned in most cases. Also, justice was never brought to Farkhunda’s family which is unfair because their daughter was massacred. This goes to show the actions taken in Afghanistan are cruel and oppressive against women compared to the rights women have in the United…show more content…
It stems from verses from the Qur’an, which is followed by all Muslims. Although there are few signs of improvement in countries such as Afghanistan, women still have hope. Maybe one day the influence of the United States for example, will have an impact on Afghanistan and how they treat women. In conclusion, women in Muslim culture, especially in Afghanistan, have been violated of their right to a safe and free life. Hopefully the way men treat women in these societies changes for the better. As humans, people all know what is morally right and are capable of treating each other fairly, and if everyone were to act this way, the oppression towards women may be
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