Muslim Dress Code Essay

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The Muslim community dress code is associated with the modern western world where there is no specific required garment but they are expected to dress with dignity, purity and modesty. The view of Islamic women dress code, is that when they are in public places, they should be dressed in robes and veils covering their entire body except their eyes. This tradition was associated with the Middle Eastern cultures however some Islamic scholars disagreed with the extent of this practice (Corduan, 1998). This practice is based on the different interpretations of the Quran of persons in the Muslim/ Islamic community.
The history of Islamic dress code
Islamic dress has been symbolized as pure, simple and modest for many centuries. It also distinguish and shows a public difference between non-believers and believers of the Muslim faith and it also identify gender differences. Traditionally Muslims including both men and women were
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Similarly to the hijab, sometime used interchangeably is the jilbab. This is a large, long, loose overcoat that is also worn to cover the body. Although it is worn by both men and women, it is seen to be more eminent in women today. The hijab is recommended for women because it is proven to have a reduction in women molestation when it is worn. The hijab is not only used for the covering of one’s body but it symbolises that the individual who wears it should portray a positive attitude and behaviour. That is a hijab of heart, eyes, intentions and thought. The hijab portrays a positive character within the Muslim religion (Zakir, 2008).
Another reason for the dress code is to identify the Muslim women to the particular religion. When an individual is seen in public wearing the hijab, the public can then recognise that individual as a member of the Muslim
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