Muslim Immigrants And Secularism In France

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Since its inception, the followers of Islam have grown exponentially, spreading the religion’s ideals across the world. Today, Islam is one of the most significant religions in the world by attracting millions of followers who continue to adhere to the ancient practices outlined in the Qur’an. Unfortunately, these practices are often looked down upon by non-Muslim people and considered to be symbolic of terrorism or of the fundamentalist side of the religion. This instance can be observed largely in France as a result of secularism that has been deeply rooted in the country for generations. The most controversial practice of Islam today is Islamic dress. Women who wear head coverings like hijabs, burqas, and niqabs as a way to bring them closer to god are viewed as unwilling to integrate into Western society even though the women may be French citizens.…show more content…
Western feminists have taken the issue into their own hands by attempting to outlaw Muslim headscarves, even though a majority of Muslim women have chosen to wear a veil themselves. Since secularism has been such a significant influence on French policies and government for hundreds of years, many French citizens have a negative opinion of Muslim immigrants, believing that Muslim immigrants are a danger to French secularism. Although the Muslim population has expanded and rooted itself into French society, many native French citizens believe that Muslim immigrants cannot truly be considered French. This opinion is false, however, seeing as thousands of Muslim immigrants still identify as French citizens while observing Islamic traditions. Despite the numerous attempts to eliminate the tradition of wearing hijabs, burqas, and niqabs, Muslim women can still identify as culturally French without risking the secularity of
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