Muslim Sub-Culture Analysis

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Muslim sub-cultures also have a difference of opinion when it comes to women being educated or having knowledge of politics. It is a problem that women in Afghanistan do not know about their country’s politics, let alone global politics. This is especially important in a time of war or conflict. The opinions of Muslim women are, for the most part, “absent from public debates” and work needs to be done to inquire about the diverse opinions of Muslim women (Ryan 1046). Furthermore, girls being educated, starting at an early age would help in diminishing this problem by knowing how to read and write. Afghanistan’s women still straggle distantly in the wake of a strong margin of the women around the world in terms of communicating their political…show more content…
Babi tells Laila “I know you’re still young, but I want you to understand and learn this now, he said. Marriage can wait, education cannot… when this war is over, Afghanistan is going to need you as much as its men, maybe even more. Because a society has no chance of success if its women are uneducated” (Hosseini 103). He says this so that she will focus on becoming a powerful woman before she marries, in hopes of their society changing to accept women as being equal to a man. An example of the lack of political knowledge among women in A Thousand Splendid Suns is when Mariam was unaware of the Watergate Scandal. Rasheed enabled Mariam to know a few details of what was happening around the world when “Richard Nixon had resigned over a scandal,” but Mariam was unaware of who Richard Nixon was or what scandal he was referring to, so she did not reply (Hosseini 58). Knowing politics is important to everyone because political decisions affect everyone’s lives. Lastly, the benefits of being aware of the government help to ensure your liberty, interests, and well-being are
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