Muslim Women Are Oppressed By Their Religion Essay

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Introduction It appears that there is often a general misconception about Muslim women in Australia; therefore, this investigation will discuss whether or not Muslim women are oppressed by their religion. Oppression is the use of power and control to treat people in an unjust and cruel manner (Merriam Webster 2016). According to the Quran 2016, Islam is a religion of peace, submission, purity and obedience to the wording of Allah (God), which is an Abrahamic, monotheistic faith. Islam is the second largest religion in the world founded in the seventh century and was revealed through Prophet Mohammad. However, in contempory Australian society, Islam is seen as a violent and oppressive religion in the eyes of the non-Muslims. This is due to countless stories over the years on social media and other mediums perpetuating Muslim women as being forced to wear a hijab and the full coverage of themselves, inequality between men and women and domestic violence (Religion Facts 2016, Religion Tolerance 2016). These are just misconceptions amongst the modern society in Australia, because Muslim women are given all the freedom and rights as how to live their lives in Australia. This investigation will reveal; women’s role in Islam, whether wearing the hijab is a form of oppression and how these aspects are influencing contemporary society’s view of Muslim women. What Is Islam’s View Of Women And Whether Muslim Women Are Oppressed? Islam highly condemns the oppression of women as

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