Muslim Women As A Symbol Of Oppression

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In the past decade, Islam has been viewed as a male dominant religion. Many people in the west proclaim that Muslim women are forced to wear and do things out of their own will and, therefore, the western society perceives Muslim women as a symbol of oppression. The main subject of controversy is the Islamic veil. In addition, the west proclaims Islam to be a sexist religion as the Muslim women are not held equal to men including a limited amount of women’s rights in Islam. In the Deepa Kumar article, Kumar exposes what the western countries try and have done to uphold women’s rights. The western countries compare the Muslim dominated countries to themselves which results in a clash of civilization. This is occurs as the western culture and values do not equate with the culture and values the Muslim dominated countries possess. In addition, France had banned the hijab on a similar argument as other western countries as they attempt to “liberate” Muslim women. In contrast, these rulings of “liberation” have backlashed on the societies affected. Deepa Kumar states that neither Afghan nor French women have benefited from the attempt of “liberation” but, in fact, made it worse. These controversies of “oppressed” Muslim women gave the west a humble chance to rescue the victims.
In Islam, the differences of man and woman are not only biological or physical but also spiritual. Both male and female are based on God. The male body reflects power and majesty while the female body
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